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Welcome to Oprema - Strojevi d.d.

"Equipment-machines" d.d. was founded more than 50 years as production of machinery and equipment for agriculture and the textile industry. Many years of experience developing and developed wide range of products for the food, confectionery and chemical industry.

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„Oprema-Strojevi“ was founded 1966 as a manufacturer of machinery for the textile and agricultural industries.

Today, with approximately 120 employees, wide machine park and more than 50 years experience in manufacturing, we specialize in the production of various machines and machine parts according to plans and wishes. That includes, cutting, welding, CNC processing, processing of sheet metal, welding, Coloring and mounting. Through the years we have developed numerous machines and machine parts for the food industry, paper industry, steelworks, auto industry, and increasingly for the packaging industry. Most of our income comes from the German and Austrian markets. With advanced computer support production (CIM), we are able to efficiently produce machines that consist of thousands of different parts.

Moreover Oprema designs and manufactures machines for the food and processing industries. "Oprema Strojevi" is a privately owned company.

We are looking for long term partners, who want to reduce the cost of leaving the production and installation of us.

potential companies:
Workforce: in total 120 employees
Size: ~ 3000 m2 of production and warehouse space
Certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
Export: 87% – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium







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We offer expertise across the full range manufacturing services and own products. Our team of professionals daily working to increase productivity and efficiency to our customers have the most competitive products on the market.

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Our modern production facilities enable the production of the most advanced solutions in very short periods of time. We provide production services to specific industries, guaranteeing quality of experience over half a century. We are the first choice of every customer who tends a top end product market with competitive prices.

  • Advanced technology
  • professional staff
  • Respecting deadlines
  • Affordable prices